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To set this page up correctly:

Step 1: Please set up a linklist titled Fall Winter 2015 (or follow that format i.e. S/S 2015

Step 2: Create collections for each "look". They can be named however you'd like. This name will show on when on that "look".

Step 3: Add links to that linklist in step 1, where each link is a link to each different "look" (collection).

Step 4: Add products to each collection with relevant products from each respective "look".

Step 5: On this "page" in the admin, add the image you want as the hero for the page content.

Step 6: Update the main navigation link for "Concepts" to be the new "Page" that you want to show. i.e. S/S 2015.

Step 7: Update the linklists named "Concepts Preview" and "Concepts Lookbook" to be what you want to list