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Concepts x ASICS Gel-Lyte III OG 'Otoro' (Coral Cloud/Pure Silver)

In our latest collaboration with Asics, we’re bringing historical context to today’s excessive luxury culture. The shoe and its related collection, part of our 25th anniversary collaborative series, takes inspiration from the Japanese tuna, and curators of bespoke restaurant culture.

Similar to New England lobster, the Japanese tuna has transformed from disregarded to delicacy over the course of history. If not all out avoided, the fish, and its attributed metallic taste, was either heavily marinated in soy or buried in the ground for four days (a practice called “Shibi”) before eating.

However, in the 1970s, tastes shifted and the Bluefin became one of the world’s most sought-after fish. Prices, defined at Tokyo’s famed fish markets, skyrocketed as desire for tuna and Otoro exploded. By 2019, it had become astronomical — Kiyoshi Kimura, the “Tuna King” broke records when he paid $3.1 for a specimen. Prices at the fish market auctions are, of course, passed to diners. The allure of the Tuna’s extra-fatty belly, “Otoro,” makes it a must-have for those sushi-counter visitors that can afford it.

Now synonymous with luxury, the rich coloration of “Otoro” is replicated across our latest Gel Lyte 3 through use of pigskin suede in a beautiful range of pink hues. The tools of sushi, particularly the stunning knives, are referenced by 3M hits to the shoe and typical accompaniments, like wasabi, are referenced through the secondary lace.

The Concepts x Asics GEL-LYTE™ III OG “Otoro” ($150) releases exclusively on June 11th at 11am via cncpts.com and at Concepts Boston, Concepts NYC and Concepts Dubai.

Concepts’ Boston store is located at 18 Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay. Concepts’ New York store is located at 99 University Place in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Concepts x ASICS Gel-Lyte III OG 'Otoro' (Coral Cloud/Pure Silver)
Concepts x ASICS Gel-Lyte III OG 'Otoro' (Coral Cloud/Pure Silver)