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Concepts Too Much Pressure Tee (White)

Named for a 1994 album by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, our latest collaboration with Vans merges the classic checkerboard pattern with a hallmark material from the heyday of ‘70s and ‘80s punk-driven London fashion, mohair. In this, we bridge the gap between luxury design houses and Two-Tone style.

With the related apparel collection, Concepts’ builds historic links between luxury damier prints, hardcore punk graphics, and plays on collegiate branding.

The Concepts Too Much Pressure Tee (White) features –

    • - Concepts Relaxed fit

    • - 100% cotton / 10.5oz / 175gsm cotton jersey

    • - Flocked applique, center front & back neck

    • - SKU:

    • - Made in the USA

    • - $65

The Concepts x Vans “Question the Answers” collection launches October 7th exclusively on cncpts.com, CNCPTS Boston, CNCPTS NYC and CNCPTS Dubai.

Concepts too much pressure tee
Concepts Too Much Pressure Tee (White)