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Concepts Rocksteady Sweatpants (Black)

Named for a 1994 album by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, our latest collaboration with Vans merges the classic checkerboard pattern with a hallmark material from the heyday of ‘70s and ‘80s punk-driven London fashion, mohair. In this, we bridge the gap between luxury design houses and Two-Tone style.

With the related apparel collection, Concepts’ builds historic links between luxury damier prints, hardcore punk graphics, and plays on collegiate branding.

The Concepts Rocksteady Sweatpants (Black) features –

    • - Concepts-exclusive Classic Fit

    • - 19.5oz / 380gsm cotton

    • - Antique silver Concepts hardware commemorates 25th anniversary

    • - Rocksteady Graphic with Embroidery at Left Hip & Back Leg

    • - Elastic leg opening

    • - Relaxed oversized fit - please refer to size guide

    • - SKU: CNVHO21-108A-004

    • - Made in the USA

    • - $130

The Concepts x Vans “Question the Answers” collection launches October 7th exclusively on cncpts.com, CNCPTS Boston, CNCPTS NYC and CNCPTS Dubai.

Concepts Rocksteady Sweatpants (Black) Concepts Rocksteady Sweatpants (Black)