Introducing the Proof of CNCPTS NFT

Introducing the Proof of CNCPTS NFT

Concepts announces our first NFT project called “Proof of CNCPTS,” a community membership NFT that bridges the possibilities of future visions with current culture. “Proof of CNCPTS” is no ordinary NFT drop. In fact, those holding the NFT in their wallets will be able to unlock exclusive apparel, collaborations, in-person events - and that’s just the start. Our goal is to prove our concept and beyond. The future will include Web3 partnerships, exclusive Concepts’ brand access, in-person events, and more.

A free public mint of the 1996 Proof of CNCPTS NFT collection. Limit to two per wallet and transaction. Minters are only responsible for gas fees. Written into our smart contact is a 10% royalty fee on the resell value of the Proof of CNCPTS token. This 10% will allow us to make donations back to different digital art programs throughout our community.

The links below will allow you to take part in our Discord community. Also, be sure to check out our mint page for all the information you need on how to mint the Proof of CNCPTS NFT, build out your crypto wallet, and more.

Public Mint for Proof of CNCPTS will be hosted on Saturday, May 21st at 11AM EST.

-Concepts Team