Engage: Concepts Town Hall Series Vol. 1: Vote

Engage: Concepts Town Hall Series Vol. 1: Vote

There’s just a few days left until Election Day, and it’s more important than ever this year to make your voice heard. Our first ENGAGE Town Hall dived deep into the many ways voting can have an impact in our lives. Including the importance of voting not just every four years, but in state and local elections to drive progress forward.

Panelist Rodney C. Pratt, Co-Founder and Board Member of The New Commonwealth Racial Equality and Social Justice Fund said it best. “We need to make voting as part of our social well being as talking about sports, music, or anything else… it has to be that engrained, that basic. We’ve got to make it a habit.”

Our collective open discussions will only continue to allow us to rise together and make progress towards social change. Watch a quick recap of our conversation below, and stay tuned for our next Engage Town Hall coming February 2021.

Engage: Concepts Town Hall Series Vol. 1: Vote - RECAP from Concepts on Vimeo.

Young voters are new voters, and they face unique obstacles that result in turnout numbers which are historically 20 to 30 points below older voters. This discrepancy is even greater in mid-terms, state and local elections. As a result, our democracy continuously fails to represent the youth voice, generation after generation. They’re also the target of voter suppression efforts, especially in urban communities and with the rise of COVID-19, voter ID laws and the removal of polling sites from college campuses, young people must navigate obstacles determined to keep them from making their voices heard.

What is ‘ENGAGE’?
Engage is a quarterly platform designed to bring together our community, to discuss pressing matters in society, featuring key thought leaders. A host and key guest panelists will tackle a different topic each time, with the goal of sharing their experiences, embracing each others opinions and hopefully sparking a healthy conversation. It’s about creating awareness, igniting dialogue and listening to each other… we welcome you to participate, get involved… ENGAGE.