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Concepts Nike SB | Why The Grail?

Since foundation in 1996, Concepts has been built upon the skate culture. Concepts brought Boston one of the first lifestyle stores to become a destination for skaters, snowboarders, and of course, sneaker aficionados. On the eve of their 20th anniversary, Concepts reflects on their long-withstanding history with Nike SB by embarking on their most ambitious launch of all time.

The Grail Collection truly meets the definition of a grail; an earnest pursuit, something that is sought after. The Concepts team was tasked with challenging their past work, and earnestly pursuing a collection that will rank among the most sought after Nike SBs in their archival collection.

From tedious hours spent drafting packaging, to hundreds of re-worked design elements, the Concepts team focused every effort to make the Grail theme come to life.