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HOUSEPLANT Rolling Papers & Tips (Pink/Turquoise)


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Product Details
  • DETAILS • 1 ¼ size • Ultra-thin construction made from all-natural rice paper • Natural Arabic gum glue line • Burn clean and slow • Colorful Houseplant packaging made from recycled materials • Magnetic closure • Comes with tips so you don’t have to make your own • Sold as two-pack with 50 papers and tips in each pack, so 100 papers and tips total Each pack comes with 50 papers and 50 tips, sold as a bundle of two packs, which means you get 100 papers and 100 tips with each order!
  • MATERIALS Raw unbleached rice papers and 170g craftliner tips DIMENSIONS Paper size: 1 ¼ Paper Dimensions: 45 x 75 mm Tips: 18 x 58 mm Pack: 2 in H x 3 in W