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HOUSEPLANT Balance Ashtray (Multi)

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Product Details
This porcelain ashtray was specially designed, thrown, and carved for Houseplant at Adam Field’s studio in Helena, Montana. Inspired by Houseplant’s Ashtray by Seth, the ashtray features a deep well and a notch-like rest. Each ashtray in the Houseplant Presents Adam Field collection is unique in color and pattern, and features either a subtle blue or amber hue.

Limited Edition of 204. Each ashtray comes with a certificate of authenticity that is signed and numbered by Adam Field.

Adam Field is a world-renowned potter based in Helena, Montana whose global travels and inquiring spirit have led to work that combines elements of ancient techniques while remaining uniquely his own. Every piece in this collection for Houseplant was hand-thrown in Field’s studio, with patterns inspired by nature carved into each item for a collection of work that is subtle, beautiful, and timeless.

Each item in this collection is handmade and will have variance in shape and color. The images you see here may not reflect the exact item you receive with your order.