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Dr. Martens x Medicom 10's Toy (Blue)


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Product Details
Where DM’s began, it’s complete with a buzzcut and ska music on loop. The 70s bear is no-nonsense punk — loud, brash and ready to challenge the norm. The 80s goth bear is all leather, lace and fishnets, while the 90s bear sports flannel, Docs and a grungy, unwashed attitude. The vibrant Kawaii movement inspires the colorful 00s bear, and the 10s bear likes plaid, rocks a beard, and isn’t scared to take on outdated social norms. Together, they’re a tribute to the alternative subcultures that have made Dr. Martens the brand they are today.


  • 100% [email protected] are 7cm / 2.7 inches high



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    SKU AD009101, (Blue)O/S