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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Donations


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Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in the US. In 2018, nearly 2 million new breast cancer cases worldwide were diagnosed, and while those diagnosed under the age of 40 is low, we believe in supporting and educating preventative measures and awareness. Concepts pledged over $15,000 in September to Play for P.I.N.K. to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and we urge you to join us in supporting this charity.

Add a $1, $3 or $5 donation to your in-store or on-line orders.

100% of proceeds raised will go directly to Play for PINK and subsequently, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This supports Concepts One Step at a Time Community initiative, as we seek out opportunities to work with organizations that will impact our consumer now and in the future. Thank you for participating.